CABINET LM engages in development of exclusive projects.

Our approach is qualitative and opportunistic. We concentrate our studies on our network of partners offering rare locations.

Our guidelines are:

  • chose location depending on its potential (exposure, tranquillity, authenticity, picturesque);
  • conceive projects both creative and respectful of the history of the site;
  • combine high-end finish with ecological responsibility in a context where comfort norms are ever evolving;
  • thanks to our tailor-made Project Management, engage with our client from inception of the project.


Through this consulting mission, CABINET LM also offers to assist the client owner or the developer in each stage of the project, from design to execution to delivery.

The Assistant Developer represents the client (Project Owner) to the various members of the operational team. With its independence from construction companies involved, its role is to defend the interests of the client at each stage of the project.