Between mountain and ocean,

More than ever our mountains are precious places to find peace and tranquillity away from the hustles and bustles of cities, increasingly subject to noise and pollution.

In this context, Cabinet LM has chosen to anchor its foundations in the Tarentaise valley and to open its first office in Bourg Saint Maurice.

Fascinated by our natural landscapes, I had the chance to grow up and develop my passions between dunes and mountains, along the emblematic axis « Hossegor – Les Arcs ».

I then worked for 20 years between Paris, London and New York, working alongside the most demanding clientele. This is how my wish to translate this experience into prestigious real estate projects was born.

I created Cabinet LM and centred our work around 3 core principles:

  • An acute rigor and high-quality standards necessary to create exclusive homes and to fulfil the most ambitious requirements of our clients
  • A natural integration of the project, respectful of site history and its ecosystem
  • The promotion of local economy favouring relationships of trust and short supply channels.

Cabinet LM has developed strong partnerships with a network of high-end specialists and local craftsmen. Our project management proves to be as much about passion than about conviviality.

“Each project is about people coming together to create the place of your dream.”

Cedric Lespiau – Founder